Barbary Coast Trail
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Our Audio Tours Feature:
• Sound effects, period music, dramatic reenactments
• Printable maps
• 40 to 65 minutes of audio per tour
• Loads onto your smartphone, mp3 player, tablet or computer

You’ll hear the rumble of the 1906 earthquake, Sam Brannan kick off the Gold Rush, a tong war battle, and much more

We offer three Barbary Coast Trail audio tours. Order all three for a discount.

Starts at the Old Mint, a national historic landmark, visits Hallidie Plaza, Union Square, one of the first public squares in SF, Maiden Lane, a sunny street with a shady past, St. Mary's, the first cathedral in the western US, and Chinatown, including the “street of the painted balconies.”

Audio length: 40 minutes
Time to complete the tour: 2 hours
Printable map included (PDF).

Begins at Portsmouth Square, birthplace of the village of Yerba Buena (later renamed San Francisco) and the site where Sam Brannan jump-started the Gold Rush, the western headquarters of the Pony Express, follows the original shoreline into the Jackson Square Historic District, and ends in the old Barbary Coast, including the last shanghaiing den in SF.

Audio length: 45 minutes
Time to complete the tour: 2 hours
Printable map included (PDF).

Begins at two haunts of the Beat generation, explores North Beach and Telegraph Hill, including Coit Tower and its priceless Depression-era murals, travels along the waterfront to Hyde Street Pier, the largest collection of historic ships in the US, and includes a cable car ride up to Nob Hill.

Audio length: 65 minutes
Time to complete the tour: 2 1/2 hours, plus 1 hour for the Nob Hill section.
Printable map included (PDF).





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