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The Barbary Coast Trail is a project of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society. The Society preserves, interprets and presents the historical heritage of San Francisco from its variegated natural history to its lively human history.




San Francisco  Walking Tours

The Barbary Coast Trail® is a San Francisco walking tour that connects the City’s most important historic sites.

Bronze medallions and arrows set in the sidewalk guide you along the trail, drawing you into a world of gold seekers & railroad barons, writers & visionaries, shanghiers & silver kings.

Along the way, you’ll see the city's most interesting and historic neighborhoods.

Walking the Barbary Coast Trail is easy and fun.
Our printed and audio guides allow you the flexibility to tour the trail:
• when you want
• as long as you want
• as far as you want


Our Barbary Coast Trail® walking tours of San Francisco feature historic sites that made the city famous.
• You’ll see the plaza where Sam Brannan kicked off the Gold Rush
• A graveyard of Gold Rush ships buried beneath the streets
• A shanghaiing den where sailors were once kidnapped
• The first Asian temple in North America
• A barstool where beat writer Jack Keroauc once sat
• The finest Italianate Victorian buildings in San Francisco
• The largest collection of historic ships in the United States
• Beautiful views of San Francisco Bay, and more . . .

This is what people are saying about the trail:
(from yelp.com)

The Barbary Coast Trail is just plain awesomeness wrapped in historic awesomeness.
Greg S. – Redwood City, CA

Every day I am more I more amazed by our great city & its incredible history. If you want to learn wonderful tidbits about places you pass every day, this is the tour for you!
Adreinne G. – San Francisco, CA

Take a day and walk the historic trail. You'll be glad you did.
John G. – San Jose, CA

It was really great because we've gone for nice walks before but this one took you through streets and alleyways that you don't usually walk through.
Stuart M. – San Francisco, CA

I seriously recommend this walk. Take the pocket guide so you don't get lost and you get all the historical information. Take a friend so you have someone to eat and drink with when you make spontaneous stops.
Brian M. – San Francisco


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